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The principle of democracy. [Minquanzhuyi 民權主義]
The principles and practice of the chinese abacus
Principles of Chinese Bible translation : as expressed in five selected versions of the New Testament and exemplified by Mt 5:1-12 and Col 1. [Bible. Colossians, I. Matthew, V, 1-12. Chinese. 1987]
Principles of conflict = Sunzi chongbian 孫子重編. [Sunzi bingfa 孫子兵法. English & Chinese]
Printing and book culture in late Imperial China
The printing presses of the London Missionary Society among the Chinese
Prisonniers de l'Empire céleste : le désastre de la première ambassade portugaise en Chine, 1517-1524 : récits & témoignages portugais & chinois
Privileges for being slaves : Christian missionaries in the early Qing court
Das Problem des Heils der Heiden : Die Apologie des P. Vincentius Mascarell S. J. aus dem Jahre 1701
The problem of Chinese refugees in Hong Kong
Proceedings of the 26th International Congress of Orientalists, New Delhi 4-10th Jan., 1964
Proceedings of the Mission Symposium : Celebrating Seventy-five Years in Mission
Prodromus coptus sive aegyptiacus ... in quo cùm linguae Coptae, sive Aegyptiacae
Profiles of Maryknollers
Profits, power, and legitimacy : the Zheng maritime empire in seventeenth-century maritime East Asia
Progress and its complications: Kuangch'i Program Service and the introduction of television technology to Taiwan
The proliferation of images : the ink-stick designs and the printing of the Fang-shih mo-p'u and the Ch'eng-shih mo-yüan
La propagande du P. Nicolas Trigault en faveur des missions de Chine (1616)
      Litterae R.P. Nicolai Trigault ad P.P. et F.F. in China constitutos

The propensity of things : toward a history of efficacy in China. [Propension des choses. English]
The prose-poetry of Su Tung-p'o : being translations into English of the Fu
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