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The partition of the steppe : the struggle of the Russians, Manchus, and the Zunghar Mongols for empire in Central Asia, 1619-1758 : a study in power politics
Parvum directorium missionariorum
Passage to power : K'ang-hsi and his heir apparent, 1661-1722
Um passeio por Malaca antiga
La passion des frères Maristes en Chine
Passionist China Collection [Archives]
Past times : a social history of Singapore
Pastor Hsi of North China : one of China's Christians
The path of beauty : a study of Chinese aesthetics. [Mei de licheng 美的歷程. English]
The pathological body : science, race, and literary realism in China, 1770-1930
Patriarchy and socialist revolution in China
Pattern and loom : a practical study of the development of weaving techniques in China, Western Asia and Europe
Paulo Orósio, presbítero Bracarense, criador do estudo geografia e da história na Idade Média
Paving the way to a moral reform of the Jiangzhou community compact : the literary legacy of Alfonso Vagnone SJ's Tongyou Jiaoyu
The peace conspiracy : Wang Ching-wei and the China war, 1937-1941
The Peach blossom fan (T'ao-hua-shan). [Taohuashan 桃花扇. English]
Peake in China : memoirs of Ernest Cromwell Peake
Pearl from the Orient : made in Hong Kong
Pearls on a string : artists, patrons, and poets at the great Islamic courts
The peasant rebellions of the late Ming dynasty. [晚明農民之亂]
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