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Pianwen gailun 駢文概論
Pianwen gailun 駢文概論
Pianwen shilun 駢文史論
Pianwen yu sanwen 駢文與散文
Pianwen zhinan 駢文指南
Pianwenxue 駢文學
Pianyu diaolong 駢語雕龍
Pianyuji 片玉集. Pianyuci jiaoji 片玉詞校記
Pianyuji 片玉集. Shihuci 石湖詞
Pianzi leibian 駢字類編
Pianzi leibian 駢字類編. Yuding Pianzi leibian 御定駢字類編
Pictorial encyclopedia of Japanese culture : the soul and heritage of Japan
A Picture History of Archaeology [Götter, Gräber und Gelehrte. English]
Pictures and visuality in early modern China
Pictures of the Chinese, drawn by themselves
Picturing machines 1400-1700
Picturing technology in China : from earliest times to the nineteenth century
The Pigtail War : American Involvement in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895
Pihanbu [Bihanbu] 辟寒部
Pijangbon Handyungnok : Pŏk'ŭlli Taehakpon 秘藏本 한중록 : 버클리 大學本. [Hanjungnok. 한중록 = 閑中錄, 恨中錄. Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong. Selections]
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