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Revista de cultura. Review of culture : RC (International ed.)
Revista de cultura. Review of culture. RC
Revista de cultura. Wenhua zazhi 文化雜誌. [RC. Chinese]
The revival of Yogācāra studies in seventeenth-century China and the use of Buddhist syllogism in anti-Christian polemics
Revolution in China : Kiangsi Province, 1905-1913
The Revolution of 1911 : Turning Point in Modern Chinese History
La Revue nationale chinoise = Zhongguo guomin jizhi 中國國民集誌
The rhetoric of empire : American China policy, 1895-1901
Rhodes of Viet Nam : the travels and missions of Father Alexander de Rhodes in China and other kingdoms of the Orient
Rhubarb : the wondrous drug
Ri Taihaku shishū 李太白詩集. [Li Taibai shiji 李太白詩集. Japanese & Chinese]
Riben changyong Hanzibiao 日本常用漢字表
Riben de fazhan 日本的發展. [The Development of Japan. Chinese]
Riben de Foxue yanjiu 日本的佛學硏究
Riben de guxue ji Yangmingxue 日本的古學及陽明學
Riben de mei yu wo 日本的美與我. [Utsukushii Nihon no watakushi 美しい日本の私. Chinese]
Riben de Zhongguo xuejia 日本的中國學家
Riben de Zhongguo yimin 日本的中國移民
Riben diming cidian 日本地名詞典
Riben Dongjing suojian xiaoshuo shumu 日本東京所見小說書目
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