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Riyu jingyu de shiyong fangfa 日語敬語的使用方法 = Keigo no tsukaikata 敬語の使い方
Riyu qizi lijie 日語奇字例解. 第一集. [v.2 續編]
Riyu wailaiyu xin cidian 日語外來語新詞典
Rizhilu 日知錄
Rizhilu 日知錄
Ri-Zhong wenhua jiaoliushi 日中文化交流史. [Nikka bunka kōryūshi 日華文化交流史. Chinese]
The road to democracy : Taiwan's pursuit of identity. [Taiwan no shuchō 台湾の主張. English]
Roads to Xanadu : East and West in the making of the modern world
Robert Morrison : the scholar and the man
Robert Morrison and the Protestant plan for China
Roberto Nobili, 1577-1656 : ein missionsgeschichtlicher Beitrag zum christlichen Dialog mit Hinduismus
Rodrigues the Gift-Giver : a Korean envoy’s portrayal of his encounter with a Jesuit in 1631
Rodrigues the interpreter : an early Jesuit in Japan and China
Rodrigues the interpreter : an early Jesuit in Japan and China
The role of the southern officials during the Boxer uprising, 1900
The role of urban real estate in Jesuit finances and networks between Europe and China, 1612-1778
Die Rolle von Ordensschwestern in den Missionsgebieten der Steyler Missionare SVD in China
The romance of our ancient churches
The Romance of the Western Chamber. [Xixiang ji 西廂記. English]
Rome and China : a study of correlations in historical events
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