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Rujiao pantu Li Zhuowu 儒教叛徒李卓吾
Rulin gongyi 儒林公議
Rulin suoji 儒林瑣記. Yuchuang xiaoyilu 雨窗消意錄
Rulin waishi : huijiao huipingben 儒林外史 : 會校會評本
Rulin waishi cidian 儒林外史辭典
Rulin waishi yanjiu lunji 儒林外史研究論集
Rulin waishi yanjiu ziliao 儒林外史硏究資料
Rulin waishi 儒林外史
Rulin waishi 儒林外史
Rulin waishi 儒林外史
Rulin waishi 儒林外史
Rulinpu 儒林譜. Chuanjingbiao 傳經表. Guochao jingshi jingyi mulu 國朝經師經義目錄
Rumenglu 如夢錄
Ruoyuan rizha 篛園日札
Rural revolution in South China : peasants and the making of history in Haifeng County, 1570-1930
The rural way : there is no fast track to China's new countryside = 農道: 沒有捷徑可走的新農村之路
Russia and China : their diplomatic relations to 1728
The Russian ecclesiastical mission in Peking during the eighteenth century
Russia's special position in China during the early Ch'ing period
Die russische Gesandtschaftsreise nach China 1805 : zu Leben und Werk des Grafen Jan Potocki. [Jan Hr. Potocki i jego podróż do Chin. German]
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