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The record of a dream of Yi Byeok : A record of the words of Ryu-Han-Dang : Meditation on life after death. [Yi Pyŏk Sŏnsaeng monghoerok 니 벽 선생 몽회록 ; Ryu Han-dang ŏnhaeng sillok 류 한당 언행 실록 ; Sahu muksang 사후 묵상. English & Korean]
A record of Buddhistic kingdoms : being an account by the Chinese monk Fâ-hien of his travels in India and Ceylon (A.D. 399-414) in search of the Buddhist books of discipline. [Foguoji 佛國記. English & Chinese]
A record of the activities of the Finnish Missionary Society in northwest Hunan, China, 1902-1952
The record of Tung-shan. [Dongshan Wubenchanshi yulu 洞山悟本禪師語錄. English]
The records of Ming scholars. [Mingru xue’an 明儒學案. English. Selections]
Records of the Grand Historian of China. [Shiji 史記. Selections. English]
The recruitment and formation of the native clergy in India (16th-19th century) : an historico-canonical study
Rectifying God's name : Liu Zhi's Confucian translation of monotheism and Islamic law
Red blight
The Red Lacquered Gate : the story of Bishop Galvin, co-founder of the Columban Fathers
The Red take-over of a mission and My ten months in communist jails
Redeemed by fire : the rise of popular Christianity in modern China
Reenacting the heavenly vision : the role of religion in the Taiping Rebellion
Re-encounters in China : notes of a journey in a time capsule
Refeng 熱風
Reference guide to Christian missionary societies in China : from the sixteenth to the twentieth century
Reflections on things at hand : the Neo-Confucian anthology [Jinsilu 近思錄. English]
Reflexos da guerra Pernambucana na India Oriental, 1645-1655
The reform and abolition of the traditional Chinese examination system
Reform in Sung China : Wang An-shih (1021-1086) and his new policies. [安石及其新政]
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