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La relève de la Mission Russe en 1820-1821. Deux stèles historique au Cimitière de Chala
A religiao popular chinesa = The popular Chinese religion = La religion populaire chinoise
Religion and culture : an international symposium commemorating the fourth centenary of the University College of St. Paul
Religion and culture : past approaches, present globalisation, future challenges
Religion and education : St. John's University as an evangelizing agency. [Religion & education]
Religion and progress in modern Asia
Religion and ritual in Chinese society. [中國社會之宗教與儀式]
Religion and society in T'ang and Sung China
La religion Catholique en Chine
La religion et les cérémonies impériales de la Chine moderne : d'après le cérémonial et les décrets officiels. [Da Qing jili 大清祭禮]
Religion in China
Religion in China today
Religion in China today : policy and practice
The religion of China : Confucianism and Taoism. [Konfuzianismus und Taoismus. English]
The religion of the Chinese people. [Religion des Chinois. English]
Religion under socialism in China. [Zhongguo shehuizhuyi shiqi de zongjiao wenti 中國社會主義時期的宗教問題. English]
Religión y poder en las misiones de Guaraníes
Religion, globalization and culture
La religione dei cinesi
The religions of China : Confucianism and Tâoism described and compared with Christianity
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