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Renshu bianlan 仁術便覽
Renti mantan 人體漫談
Renwu fengsu zhidu congtan 人物風俗制度叢談
Renwu 人物
Renwutan 人物譚
Renwuzhi 人物誌. [Qinghua renwuzhi 清華人物誌]
Renxin yu rensheng 人心與人生
Renxue 人學. [Vom Menschen : Versuch einer geisteswissenschaftlichen Anthropologie]
Renxue 仁學
Renxue 仁學
Renzhencao 認眞草
Répertoire des jésuites de Chine de 1552 à 1800
Report of the American Board of Catholic Missions to the American episcopate
Report on China
Report on Progress in Manchuria 1907-1928
A report on Russian destruction of our industries in the North-Eastern provinces
La reprise des missions catholiques en Chine a la fin des Ming (1579-1644)
La reprise des missions franciscaines en Chine après la persécution de Yang Kwang-hsien : 1672-1684
Republican China : Nationalism, War and the Rise of Communism 1911-1949
Research materials on twentieth-century China : a list of CCRM publications, June 1975-September 1979
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