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Research materials on twentieth-century China : a list of CCRM publications, June 1975-September 1979
Research materials on twentieth-century China : an annotated list of CCRM publications
Reshaping the boundaries : the Christian intersection of China and the West in the Modern Era
The response of Protestant missionaries to the anti-missionary disturbances in China, 1891-1907
Resumen grafico de la historia del arte : arquitectura, escultura, pintura : 360 grabados
The retreat of the elephants : an environmental history of China
A retrospect
Retsudentai shōsetsushi : zenpen 列傳體小說史 : 前編
The return of the refugee God : Wong Tai Sin in China = Nanmin shenqi huigui : Daojiao Huang Daxian zai Zhongguo 難民神祇回歸 : 道教黃大仙在中國
Returning home : Tao-chi's album of landscapes and flowers
Review of culture : RC
The revised romanization of Korean
Revista de cultura. Review of culture : RC (International ed.)
Revista de cultura. Review of culture. RC
Revista de cultura. Wenhua zazhi 文化雜誌. [RC. Chinese]
The revival of Yogācāra studies in seventeenth-century China and the use of Buddhist syllogism in anti-Christian polemics
Revolution in China : Kiangsi Province, 1905-1913
The Revolution of 1911 : Turning Point in Modern Chinese History
La Revue nationale chinoise = Zhongguo guomin jizhi 中國國民集誌
The rhetoric of empire : American China policy, 1895-1901
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