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Science between Europe and Asia : historical studies on the transmission, adoption, and adaptation of knowledge
Science in traditional China : a comparative perspective
Scientific results of a journey in Central Asia, 1899-1902
The scramble for China : foreign devils in the Qing empire, 1832-1914
Scythians : warriors of ancient Siberia
The sea island mathematical manual : surveying and mathematics in ancient China. [Haidao suanjing 海島算經. English]
The seaman and the printer
The search for God in ancient China : James Mellon Menzies, China missionary and archaeologist
A search for meaning : essays of a Chinese American. [Shengming yiyi de zhuixun : Yige Huayi Meiguoren de ganshou 生命意義的追尋 : 一個華裔美國人的感受]
The Search for modern China
The search for the origins of the Chinese manuscript of Matteo Ricci's maps [Imago Mundi 47]
Secai suo tan 色彩瑣談
Secailun 色彩論
      [Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye. Chinese]

Second generation of White Wolves in China : a memoir of Fred and Frances Pyke
The secret history of the Mongols : the life and times of Chinggis Khan. [Yuanchao mishi [bishi] 元朝秘史. English]
The secret history of the Mongols and other pieces
The secret mission of the Lord Amherst on the China coast, 1832
Secret societies in China in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. [Les sociétés secrètes en Chine]
The secret treatise of the spiritual orchid : Suwen chapter 8
Secret world of the Forbidden City : splendors from China's imperial palace
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