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Seeking the common ground : Protestant Christianity, the Three-Self Movement, and China's United Front
The seige of the Peking Embassy, 1900 : Sir Claude MacDonald's report on the Boxer Rebellion
Seiiki shi kenkyū 西域史硏究
Seiken igen 靖獻遺言
Seiko monogatari 西湖物語
Seishōki 西廂記. Biwaki 琵琶記. [Xixiangji 西廂記. Pipaji 琵琶記. Japanese & Chinese]
Seitō inshōgaku 正統印章學
Sejong Changhŏn Taewang sillok 세종 장헌 대왕 실록 = 世宗莊憲大王實錄. [Sejong Jangheon Daewang sillog]
Sejong Taewang 世宗大王 [Sejong Daewang]
Sekai jinmei shōjiten 世界人名小辭典
Sekai rekishi dainenpyō 世界歴史大年表
Sekaishi jiten 世界史辭典
Sekidō to taiyō 赤道と太陽. [Chidao yu taiyang 赤道與太陽. Japanese & Chinese]
Selected Chinese sayings
Selected Japanese texts : literature and history
Selected plays of Kuan Han-ch'ing. [Guan Hanqing zaju xuan 關漢卿雜劇選. English]
Selected readings translated from Traditions and myths of the Taiwan aborigines : compiled by Ogawa and Asai
Selected stories of Xiao Hong. [Xiao Hong xiaoshuo xuan 蕭紅小說選. English]
A selection of interesting maps and books on various countries of the Eastern Hemisphere
Self and society in Ming thought
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