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Sanyuan jingshe wenji 散原精舍文集
Sanyuanli renmin kang Ying douzheng shiliao 三元里人民抗英鬥爭史料
Sanyutang riji 三魚堂日記
Sanyutang riji 三魚堂日記
Sanzijing yu Shengjing sa'er jiang 三字經與聖經卅二講
Saolüe 騷略. Suonan wenji 所南文集. Zheng Suonan xiansheng wenji 鄭所南先生文集
Saotan miyu 騷壇秘語
Saoyang de lequ 搔癢的樂趣
Sapientia hieroglyphica. Specimen sapientiae hieroglyphicae. [Jap-Sin IV, 5H]
La Sapienza dei Cinesi (Il Confucianesimo). Una Concezione filosofica Cinese (Il Taoismo). La Storia delle religioni in Cina
Sasŏng t'onghae 四聲通解. [Saseongtonghae]
The Sayings of Chuang Tzu : A New Translation. [Zhuangzi 莊子]
Scenes in Chusan, or, Missionary labours by the way
Schī-kīng : Das kanonische Liederbuch der chinesen. [Shijing 詩經. German. 1880]
Scholar from the West : Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582-1649) and the dialogue between Christianity and China
Scholar practicing calligraphy [pith painting 通草畫]
The Scholars. [Rulin waishi 儒林外史. English]
Schriften über China : mit einer biobibliographischen Skizze und einem Faksimile eines Auktionskataloges
Science and civilisation in China
Science and empires : historical studies about scientific development and European expansion
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