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Saotan miyu 騷壇秘語
Saoyang de lequ 搔癢的樂趣
La Sapienza dei Cinesi (Il Confucianesimo). Una Concezione filosofica Cinese (Il Taoismo). La Storia delle religioni in Cina
Sasŏng t'onghae 四聲通解. [Saseongtonghae]
The Sayings of Chuang Tzu : A New Translation. [Zhuangzi 莊子]
Scenes in Chusan, or, Missionary labours by the way
Schī-kīng : Das kanonische Liederbuch der chinesen. [Shijing 詩經. German. 1880]
Scholar from the West : Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582-1649) and the dialogue between Christianity and China
Scholar practicing calligraphy [pith painting 通草畫]
The Scholars. [Rulin waishi 儒林外史. English]
Schriften über China : mit einer biobibliographischen Skizze und einem Faksimile eines Auktionskataloges
Science and civilisation in China
Scientific results of a journey in Central Asia, 1899-1902
The sea island mathematical manual : surveying and mathematics in ancient China. [Haidao suanjing 海島算經. English]
The search for God in ancient China : James Mellon Menzies, China missionary and archaeologist
A search for meaning : essays of a Chinese American. [Shengming yiyi de zhuixun : Yige Huayi Meiguoren de ganshou 生命意義的追尋 : 一個華裔美國人的感受]
The Search for modern China
The search for the origins of the Chinese manuscript of Matteo Ricci's maps [Imago Mundi 47]
Secai suo tan 色彩瑣談
Secailun 色彩論
      [Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye. Chinese]

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