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The Taiping heavenly kingdom: rebellion and the blasphemy of empire
Taiping huanyu ji 太平寰宇記
Taiping huanyu ji 太平寰宇記
The Taiping ideology: its sources, interpretations, and influences
Taiping qinghua 太平清話
The Taiping Rebellion : history and documents
The Taiping rebellion and the Western powers : a comprehensive survey
The Taiping Rebellion. [Taihei tengoku 太平天国. English]
The Taiping revolutionary movement. [太平天國革命運動史]
Taiping shenghuifang 太平聖惠方
Taiping tianguo ciyu huishi 太平天國詞語滙釋
Taiping Tianguo congshu 太平天國叢書. 第一集
Taiping tianguo de lishi he sixiang 太平天國的歷史和思想
Taiping Tianguo de shehui zhengzhi sixiang 太平天國的社會政治思想
Taiping Tianguo dianzhi tongkao 太平天國典制通考
Taiping Tianguo duiwai guanxishi 太平天國對外關係史
Taiping Tianguo fengyun renwuzhi 太平天國風雲人物誌
Taiping tianguo geming qinliji 太平天國革命親歷記. [Ti-ping tien-kwoh. Chinese]
Taiping Tianguo geming shiqi Guangxi nongmin qiyi ziliao 太平天國革命時期廣西農民起義資料
Taiping Tianguo geming zhanzheng 太平天國革命戰爭
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