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Titles Index V

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The victimized
Victoria M. Siu, RSCJ Archives
The Victorian translation of China : James Legge's Oriental pilgrimage
A vida e a acção pastoral de d. Luís Cerqueira S.J., bispo do Japão (1598-1614)
A vida marítima de Macau no século XVIII
Vie du Père Lebbe
Vie du Père Lebbe : le tonnerre qui chante au loin
Vie du Père Nicolas Trigault de la Compagnie de Jésus
La vie, la mort ... et autres
Vieilles traditions
Views from Jade Terrace : Chinese women artists, 1300-1912
Views of seventeenth-century Vietnam : Christoforo Borri on Cochinchina & Samuel Baron on Tonkin. [Relatione della nuova missione delli PP. della Compagnia di Giesù, al regno della Cocincina. Description of the kingdom of Tonqueen. English]
Vignettes from the late Ch'ing : bizarre happenings eyewitnessed over two decades. [Ershinian mudu zhi guaixianzhuang 二十年目睹之怪現狀. English]
Village life in China : a study in sociology
Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist mission, and French Catholic reform
The Virgin Mary and Catholic identities in Chinese history
A vision betrayed : the Jesuits in Japan and China, 1542-1742
The vision of China in the English literature of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
The visitor : André Palmeiro and the Jesuits in Asia
Vita del Maestro Ricci, Xitai del Grande Occidente = Taixi Xitai Li Xiansheng xingji 大西西泰利先生行蹟. [ARSI Jap.Sin. III, 23.3b. Italian & Chinese]
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