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Wanwu zhenyuan 萬物眞原
Wanwu zhenyuan 萬物真原
Wanwu zhenyuan 萬物真原. [L.sin. C 391. cf. Jap-Sin I, 71]
Wanwu zhenyuan 萬物真原. [ZKW 210.11]
Wanxiangtang xiaopin 晚香堂小品
Wanxiaotang huazhuan 晚笑堂畫傳
Wanxueji 晚學集
Wanyeji 萬葉集 [Man’yōshū 萬葉集. Chinese]
Wanyou wenku dierji mulu 萬有文庫第二集目錄
Wanyou wenku diyi-erji jianbian mulu 萬有文庫第一, 二集簡編目錄
Wanyou wenku huiyao mulu yangzhang yuyue jianzhang 萬有文庫薈要目錄樣張預約簡章
Wanzhaolou lunwenji 晚照樓論文集
Wanzhulou suibi 萬竹樓隨筆
War and occupation in China : the letters of an American missionary from Hangzhou, 1937-1938
Warlordism and rural revolution in South China : Chen Jiongming, Peng Pai, and the Peasant Movement in Haifeng, 1922-1924
Warum China kämpft
Water Margin. [Shuihuzhuan 水滸傳. English]
The Way and its power : a study of the Tao tê ching and its place in Chinese thought. [Daodejing 道德經. English]
The way and the word : science and medicine in early China and Greece
The Way of Chuang Tsu
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