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Author List for Wu Xiaoxin 吳小新

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Beijing Furen daxue : Tianzhujiao Benduhui shiqi de ge'an yanjiu 北京輔仁大學 : 天主教本篤會時期的個案研究
A Case study of the Catholic University of Peking during the Benedictine period (1927-1933)
China and Christianity : burdened past, hopeful future
Christianity and Chinese culture. [Jidu zongjiao yu Zhongguo wenhua 基督宗教與中國文化. English]
Christianity in China : a scholars' guide to resources in the libraries and archives of the United States [Second Edition]
Edward J. Malatesta, S.J. : a friend of China
Encounters and dialogues : changing perspectives on Chinese-Western exchanges from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries
Jidu yu Zhongguo shehui 基督與中國社會 : 第二屆國際年青學者研討會論文集
Jidujiao yu Zhongguo shehui wenhua 基督教與中國社會文化 : 第一屆國際年青學者研討會論文集
Jidujiao yu Zhongguo shehui wenhua 基督教與中國社會文化 : 第五屆國際年青學者研討會論文集
Jidujiao yu Zhongguo shehui wenhua 基督教與中國社會文化 : 第三屆國際年青學者研討會論文集
Jidujiao yu Zhongguo shehui wenhua 基督教與中國社會文化 : 第四屆國際年青學者研討會論文集
Nüduo 女鐸, 1912-1951. The Woman’s Messenger : Nü To Pao [Nüduobao 女鐸報]
The penalty of piety: the Benedictine beginning of Fu Jen Catholic University in Peking
Phillipps-Robinson Chinese Rites documents. [Sotheby's Lot 20 mss.]
Shanghai tushuguan Xiwen zhenben shumu 上海圖書館西文珍本書目. Shanghai Library catalog of Western rare books
Shengjing wenxuan 聖經文選
Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal XXXII (2010)
Studies in the history of Christianity in East Asia [series]
Ying Lianzhi ji 英斂之集
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