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Author List for Zhang Qiyun 張其昀, 1901-1985

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Beiping fengtuzhi 北平風土志
Bianjiang lunwenji 邊疆論文集
Chinese History of Ffty Centuries. Vol. 1 : Ancient times
Daxue zidian 大學字典. [University Chinese dictionary]
Qingdai yitong ditu 清代一統地圖. Neifu yutu 內府輿圖
Zhongguo dili da gang 中國地理大綱
Zhongguo dili dagang 中國地理大綱
Zhonghua Minguo ditu ji 中華民國地圖集 = National Atlas of China
Zhonghua Minguo shigang 中華民國史綱
Zhongwen da cidian 中文大辭典. [The Encyclopedic dictionary of the Chinese language]
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