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Author List for Tiedemann, R. G.

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The Boxers, China, and the world
Georg M. Stenz, SVD (1869-1928) : Chinamissionar im Kaiserreich und in der Republik
      Der Missionspolitische Kontext in Süd-Shantung am Vorabend des Boxeraufstands in China

Handbook of Christianity in China. Vol. 2, 1800-present
Huabei de baoli he konghuang : Yihetuan yundong qianxi Jidujiao chuanbo he shehui chongtu 華北的暴力和恐慌 : 義和團運動前夕基督教傳播和社會衝突 = Violence and fear in North China
Reference guide to Christian missionary societies in China : from the sixteenth to the twentieth century
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