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Author List for Li Sher-Shiueh [Li Shixue 李奭學]

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Jesuit chreia in late Ming China : two studies with an annotated translation of Alfonso Vagnone's Illustrations of the Grand Dao. [Dadao jiyan 達道紀言. English & Chinese]
Toward a missionary poetics in late Ming China : the Jesuit appropriation of Greco-Roman lore through the medieval tradition of European exempla
Yishu : Mingmo Yesuhui fanyi wenxue lun 譯述 : 明末耶穌會翻譯文學論
Zhongguo wan Ming yu Ouzhou wenxue : Mingmo Yesuhui gudianxing zhengdao gushi kaoquan 中國晚明與歐洲文學 : 明末耶穌會古典型證道故事考詮
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