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Author List for Zürcher, E. (Erik)

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Bibliography of the Jesuit mission in China : ca. 1580-ca. 1680
The Buddhist conquest of China : the spread and adaptation of Buddhism in early medieval China
The Chinese Jews of Kaifeng : a millennium of adaptation and endurance / edited by Anson H. Laytner and Jordan Paper.
Christianity in China [Catholic Historical Review vol. LXXXIII, no.4 October, 1997]
Forgive us our sins : Confession in late Ming and early Qing China. [Vera et Unica Praxis : Confissionario. Shengjiao yaojin de daoli 聖教要緊的道禮]
Kouduo richao : Li Jiubiao's Diary of oral admonitions : a Late Ming Christian journal
      [Kouduo richao 口鐸日鈔. Jap-Sin I, 81]

Time and space in Chinese culture
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