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Author List for Bodde, Derk, 1909-2003

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Annual customs and festivals in Peking as recorded in the Yen-ching Sui-shih-chi by Tun Li-ch'en. [Yanjing suishiji 燕京歲時記. English]
China's cultural tradition : what and whither?
China's first unifier : a study of the Ch'in dynasty as seen in the life of Li Ssŭ 李斯, 280?-208 B.C.
China's gifts to the West
Chinese thought, society, and science : the intellectual and social background of science and technology in pre-modern China
Festivals in classical China : New Year and other Annual Observances during the Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.-A.D. 220
A history of Chinese philosophy
Law in Imperial China : exemplified by 190 Ch'ing Dynasty cases, translated from the Hsing-an hui-lan. [Xing'an huilan 刑案匯覽. English]
Peking Diary : A Year of Revolution
A short history of Chinese philosophy
A short history of Chinese philosophy. [Zhongguo zhexue xiaoshi 中國哲學小史. English]
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