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Author List for Lin Yutang 林語堂, 1895-1976

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Baike tujie cidian 百科圖解詞典
La Chine et les Chinois. [My country and my people. French]
The Chinese theory of art : translations from the masters of Chinese art
Chuangtse. [Zhuangzi 莊子. English]
Contemporary Chinese Stories
Famous Chinese short stories
Fusheng liuji 浮生六記. Six Chapters of a Floating Life
Gems from Chinese literature : rendered into English. Ying-Han duizhao guwen xiaopin 英漢對照古文小品
Kongzi de zhihui 孔子的智慧. [The wisdom of Confucius. Chinese]
Lin Yutang's Chinese-English dictionary of modern usage
      Dangdai Han-Ying cidian 當代漢英詞典

The Little Critic
My country and my people
Pekin rekijitsu 北京歴日. [Moment in Peking. Japanese]
The vermilion gate : a novel of a far land
The Wisdom of China and India
The wisdom of Confucius. [Sishu 四書. Selections. English. 1938]
Wu suo bu tan 無所不談
Xinyang zhi lü : lun Dong-Xi fang de zhexue yu zongjiao 信仰之旅 : 論東西方的哲學與宗教. [From Pagan to Christanity. Chinese]
Youbuweizhai guwen xiaopin 有不為齋古文小品. Gems from Chinese literature
Youmo xiaopin wenxuan 幽默小品文選
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