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Author List for Chan, Albert 陳綸緒, 1915-2005

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Chinese books and documents from the Jesuit Archives in Rome : a descriptive catalogue : Japonica-Sinica I-IV
Chinese-Philippine relations in the late sixteenth century and to 1603
A European document on the fall of the Ming Dynasty (1644-1649)
      Suma del Estado del Imperio de la China

The glory and fall of the Ming dynasty
Michele Ruggieri, S.J. (1543-1607) and his Chinese poems. [Lu Tianzhu shishi 錄天主事實]
Two Chinese poems written by Hsü Wei 徐渭 (1521-1593) on Michele Ruggieri, S.J. (1543-1607). [ARSI Jap-Sin II, 159]
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