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Author List for Witek, John W. 魏若望

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China and maritime Europe, 1500-1800 : trade, settlement, diplomacy, and missions
Chinese chronology : a source of Sino-European widening horizons in the eighteenth century
Controversial ideas in China and in Europe : a biography of Jean-François Foucquet, S.J., (1665-1741)
Dicionário Português-Chinês. Pu-Han cidian 葡漢辭典. Portuguese-Chinese Dictionary. [Japonica-Sinica I, 198, ff. 32r-169r.]
An eighteenth-century Frenchman at the court of the K'ang-hsi emperor : a study of the early life of Jean Francois Foucquet
Ferdinand Verbiest (1623-1688) : Jesuit missionary, scientist, engineer and diplomat
Nan Huairen 南懷仁 (1623-1688) : 傳教士, 科學家, 工程師, 外交家
      Ferdinand Verbiest (1623-1688) : Jesuit missionary, scientist, engineer ... Chinese

Portrait of a Jesuit : Alessandro Valignano 范禮安, 1539-1606
Religion and culture : an international symposium commemorating the fourth centenary of the University College of St. Paul
Yesuhuishi Fu Shengze shenfu zhuan : suoyinpai sixiang zai Zhongguo ji Ouzhou 耶穌會士傅聖澤神甫傳 : 索隱派思想在中國及歐洲. [Controversial ideas in China and Europe. Chinese]
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