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Author List for Meynard, Thierry 梅謙立

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Chaotian ji : chongzou Li Madou zhi lu 朝天記 : 重走利瑪竇之路
Confucius Sinarum Philosophus (1687) : the first translation of the Confucian classics. [Confucius Sinarum Philosophus. Daxue 大學. English & Latin]
Could Chinese vegetarians be Baptized? The Canton Conference and Adrien Grelon SJ's report of 1668. [ARSI Jap. Sin. 158. Controversiae variae: 1668–1698. English & Latin]
Following the footsteps of the Jesuits in Beijing : a guide to sites of Jesuit work and influence in Beijing
Jesuit chreia in late Ming China : two studies with an annotated translation of Alfonso Vagnone's Illustrations of the Grand Dao. [Dadao jiyan 達道紀言. English & Chinese]
The Jesuit reading of Confucius : the first complete translation of the Lunyu (1687) published in the West. [Confucius Sinarum Philosophus. Lunyu 論語. Latin. English & Chinese]
The overlooked connection between Ricci’s Tianzhu shiyi and Valignano’s Catechismus Japonensis
The True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven = 天主實義. [Tianzhu shiyi 天主實義. English & Chinese]
Wan Ming Zhong-Xi lunlixue de xiangyu : cong Nigemake lunlixue dao Gao Yizhi de Xiushen Xixue 晚明中西倫理學的相遇 : 從尼各馬可倫理學到高一志脩身西學
Yesuhui de Beijing daolan : Tianzhujiao yu Zhongguo wenhua de xiangyu 耶穌會的北京導覽 : 天主教與中國文化的相遇
Zhalan : Beijing Ming-Qing Tianzhujiao mudi 柵欄 : 北京明清天主教墓地. Zhalan Catholic Cemetery in Beijing
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