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Author List for Teng Ssu-yū 鄧嗣禹, b. 1906

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An annotated bibliography of selected Chinese reference works
Chang Hsi and the treaty of Nanking, 1842. [Fuyi riji 撫夷日記. English]
China's response to the West : a documentary survey, 1839-1923
China's response to the West: a documentary survey, 1839-1923
Ch'ing administration : three studies [滿清政府三講]
Japanese studies on Japan & the Far East : a short biographical and bibliographical introduction
The Nien army and their guerrilla warfare, 1851-1868
The political history of China, 1840-1928. [Zuijin sanshinian Zhongguo zhengzhishi 最近三十年中國政治史. English]
The Taiping rebellion and the Western powers : a comprehensive survey
Zhongguo kaoshi zhidu shi 中國考試制度史. Zhongguo kaoshi zhidu Xichuan kao 中國考試制度西傳考
Zhongguo kaoshi zhidu Xichuan kao 中國考試制度西傳考. [Chinese Influence on the Western Examination System. Chinese]
Zhongguo leishu mulu chugao 中國類書目錄初稿
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