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Author List for Yang, Paul Fu-mien 楊福綿

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The Catholic missionary contribution to the study of Chinese dialects. 天主教傳教士對中國方言研究之貢獻
Chinese dialectology : a selected and classified bibliography. Zhongguo fangyanxue fenlei cankao shumu 中國方言學分類參考書目
Chinese dialectology, 1955-1965
Chinese linguistics : A selected and classified bibliography. Zhongguo yuyanxue fenlei cankao shumu 中國語言學分類參考書目
Dicionário Português-Chinês. Pu-Han cidian 葡漢辭典. Portuguese-Chinese Dictionary. [Japonica-Sinica I, 198, ff. 32r-169r.]
Elements of Hakka dialectology
Prefix Kə- in modern Chinese dialects and proto-Chinese
Zhongguo yuyanxue mingci huibian 中國語言學名詞滙編, 1925-1975. Chinese linguistic usage, 1925-1975 : a contrastive glossary
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