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Author List for Needham, Joseph, 1900-1995

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China and the West : mankind evolving
Chinese science : explorations of an ancient tradition
The Hall of Heavenly Records : Korean astronomical instruments and clocks, 1380-1780
Heavenly clockwork : the great astronomical clocks of medieval China. [Xinyi xiangfayao 新儀象法要. Selections. English]
Science and civilisation in China
Science in traditional China : a comparative perspective
Within the Four Seas : the Dialogue of East and West.
Yo banfa! (We have a way!)
Zhongguo kexue jishushi 中國科學技術史. [Science and civilisation in China. Chinese]
Zhongguo lidai famingjia xiaozhuan 中國歷代發明家小傳
Zhongguo zhi kexue yu wenming 中國之科學與文明. [Science and civilisation in China. Chinese]
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