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Author List for Criveller, Gianni

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Catechismo: il vero significato di Signore del Cielo : sommario: un sincere dibattito su Dio. [Tianzhu shiyi 天主實義. Italian & Chinese]
From Milan to Hong Kong : 150 years of mission : Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, 1858-2008
Light a candle : encounters and friendship with China : Festschrift in honour of Angelo S. Lazzarotto P.I.M.E.
Matteo Ricci : letters from China : a revised English translation with commentary. [Correspondence. Selections. English]
Portrait of a Jesuit : Matteo Ricci 利瑪竇, 1552-1610
Preaching Christ in late Ming China : the Jesuits' presentation of Christ from Matteo Ricci to Giulio Aleni
Shanxi Luoma xiuyuan yu xundaozhe Guo Xide shijian de beijing ji zhengyi 陝西羅馬修院與殉道者郭西德事件的背景及爭議. [Martyrdom of Alberico Crescitelli. Chinese & English]
Stefano Borgia’s two memorials : On the Need to Appoint Chinese Bishops (1787)
Vita del Maestro Ricci, Xitai del Grande Occidente = Taixi Xitai Li Xiansheng xingji 大西西泰利先生行蹟. [ARSI Jap.Sin. III, 23.3b. Italian & Chinese]
Wan Ming Jidu lun 晚明基督論. [Preaching Christ in late Ming China. Chinese]
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