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Author List for Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所

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China and Christianity : burdened past, hopeful future
China at the center : Ricci and Verbiest world maps
La Chine entre amour et haine
      Actes du VIIIe colloque international de sinologie (Chantilly, 1995)

Chine et Europe : Évolution et particularités des rapports Est-Ouest du XVIe au XXe siecle
      Actes du IVe Colloque International de Sinologie (Chantilly, 1983)

The Chinese rites controversy : its history and meaning
Christianity and cultures : Japan & China in comparison, 1543-1644
Difang shehui wenhua yu jindai Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliu xueshu yantaohui : lunwenji 地方社會文化與宗羲文化交流學術研討會 : 論文集 = Local culture and modern Sino-Western cultural exchange
Echanges culturels et religieux entre la Chine et l'Occident
      Actes du VIIe colloque international de sinologie (Chantilly, 1992)

Encounters and dialogues : changing perspectives on Chinese-Western exchanges from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries
Icons of the Celestial Kingdom : Christian scrolls from the collection of the Ricci Institute
Icons of the Celestial Kingdom [Collection]
Images de la Chine : le contexte Occidental de la sinologie naissante
      Actes du VIe colloque international de sinologie (Chantilly, 1989)

International Symposium on the History of Christianity in China (1996 : Hong Kong) [papers]
Interview with Dr. Eugenio Menegon, Boston University
Interview with Dr. Paul A. Rule, Distinguished Fellow, EDS-Stewart Chair
Jidujiao yu Zhongguo shehui wenhua 基督教與中國社會文化 : 第一屆國際年青學者研討會論文集
Li Madou shuxin ji 利瑪竇書信集. [mss.]
Li Madou shuxin ji 利瑪竇書信集
Liyi yu ronghui 離異與融會 : 中國基督徒與本色教會的興起
      From confrontation to integration : Chinese Christians and the rise of indigenous church

Nüduo 女鐸, 1912-1951. The Woman’s Messenger : Nü To Pao [Nüduobao 女鐸報]
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