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Author List for Ferdinand Verbiest Institute

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Building humanistic libraries in late imperial China : circulation of books, prints and letters between Europe and China (XVII-XVIII cent.) in the framework of the Jesuit mission
Ferdinand Verbiest and Jesuit science in 17th century China : an annotated edition and translation of the Constantinople manuscript (1676). [Xinzhi yixiang tu 新製儀象圖]
Jidu zongjiao yu jindai Zhongguo 基督宗教與近代中國. Multi-aspect studies on Christianity in modern China
Libraries of Western learning for China : circulation of Western books between Europe and China in the Jesuit Mission (ca. 1650-ca. 1750)
When the Europeans began to study Chinese : Martino Martini's Grammatica linguae Sinensis. [Grammatica linguae Sinensis. English]
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