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Author List for Lao She 老舍, 1899-1966

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Cat country : a satirical novel of China in the 1930's. [Maocheng ji 貓城記. English]
Contemporary Chinese Stories
Gushuyiren 鼓書藝人. [The drum singers. Chinese]
Lao She lun chuangzuo 老舍論創作
Lao She wenxue chuangzuo he yuyan 老舍文學創作和語言
Lao She Wenyi pinglunji 老舍文藝評論集
Lao She xuanji 老舍選集
Lihun 離婚
The Quest for Love of Lao Lee. [Lihun 離婚. English]
Rickshaw : the novel Lo-t'o Hsiang Tzu. [Luoto xiangzi 駱駝祥子. English]
Wenxue gailun jiangyi 文學概論講義
The Yellow storm. [Sishi tongtang 四世同堂. English]
Zhao Ziyue 趙子曰
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