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Subject List for China--Religion--History

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L' anticléricalisme en Chine
Borrowed gods and foreign bodies : Christian missionaries imagine Chinese religion
Chen Yuan quanji 陳垣全集
China and the Christian impact : a conflict of cultures. [Chine et christianisme. English]
Chinese converts in the Chinese Rites Controversy : ancestral rites and their identity
Chinese Religions
Il Dio degli antichi Cinesi : XXI-IV sec. av. Cristo
Early Chinese religion
Folk Buddhist religion : dissenting sects in late traditional China
Jade : a study in Chinese archaeology and religion
Linked faiths : essays on Chinese religions and traditional culture in honor of Kristofer Schipper
A longa marcha das religiões na China
The people and the Dao : new studies in Chinese religions in honour of Daniel L. Overmyer
La religione dei cinesi
The religious system of China : its ancient forms, evolution, history and present aspect, manners, custom and social institutions connected therewith
Samanjiao yanjiu 薩滿教研究
La Sapienza dei Cinesi (Il Confucianesimo). Una Concezione filosofica Cinese (Il Taoismo). La Storia delle religioni in Cina
Zhongguo de zongjiao 中國的宗教
Zhongguo gudai zongjiao yu shenhua kao 中國古代宗教與神話考
Zhongguo minjian zongjiaoshi 中國民間宗教史
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