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Subject List for Jesuits--China--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911--Contributions in astronomy

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The Astronomia Europaea of Ferdinand Verbiest, S.J. (Dillingen, 1687): text, translation, notes and commentaries. [Astronomia Europaea. English & Latin]
Astronomia Europaea svb imperatore Tartaro Sinico Cám Hý appellato ex umbra in lucem revocata. Catalogus patrum Societatis Jesu ...
Budeyi bian 不得已辨. [Budeyi bian 不得已辯]. [R.G.Oriente, III, 227.8. Jap-Sin II, 43]
China's transition to modernity : the new classical vision of Dai Zhen
Chongzhen lishu 崇禎曆書. [BnF Chinois 4966]
Ferdinand Verbiest, S.J. (1623-1688) and the Chinese heaven : the composition of the astronomical corpus, its diffusion and reception in the European republic of letters
Imposturae CCXVIII. in dissertatione R.P. Benedicti Cetto, clerici regularis e scholis piis de sinensium imposturis detectae et convulsae ... [Epistolae anecdotae]
Jiaoshi biao 交食表. [Théorie des éclipses. BnF Chinois 5007]
L' observatoire de Zi-ka-wei : cinquante ans de travail scientifique
Observatório astronómico de Pequim, séculos XVI a XIX. Shiliu zhi shijiu shiji Beijing guanxiangtai 十六至十九世紀北京觀象台
Xichao ding'an 熙朝定案. [BAV Barb.Or. 132.3. Jap-Sin II, 67 II, II-67 III]
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