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Subject List for Astronomical instruments--China--History--Construction and operation

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Ferdinand Verbiest and Jesuit science in 17th century China : an annotated edition and translation of the Constantinople manuscript (1676). [Xinzhi yixiang tu 新製儀象圖]
Moving stars changing scenes : gems of the ancient Chinese astronomy relics
      [Xing, yi, wu, huan : Zhongguo gudai tianwen wenwu jinghua 星・移・物・換 : 中國古代天文文物精華. English]

Xinzhi yixiang tu 新製儀象圖. Liber organicus astronomiae Europaeae apud Sinas restitutae sub imperatore Sino-Tartarico Cam Hy....
Yixiang zhi 儀象志. [Xinzhi lingtai yixiang zhi 新製靈臺儀象志. 新制靈臺儀象志. Jap-Sin II, 42, I. II. III.]
Yuanjing shuo 遠鏡說
Yuanjing shuo 遠鏡說. [Jap-Sin II, 39.2]
Yuanjing shuo 遠鏡說. [mss]
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