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Subject List for Astronomy--China--History--17th century

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Cetian yueshuo 測天約說. [Jap-Sin II, 40.3; II, 50; II, 50 D]
Chongzhen lishu 崇禎曆書. [BnF Chinois 4966]
Les écrits chinois de Verbiest
Ferdinand Verbiest and Jesuit science in 17th century China : an annotated edition and translation of the Constantinople manuscript (1676). [Xinzhi yixiang tu 新製儀象圖]
French Jesuits and the mission to China : science, religion, history
Galileo in Cina : relazioni attraverso il Collegio romano tra Galileo e i gesuiti scienziati missionari in Cina, 1610-1640
Jiaoshi biao 交食表. [Théorie des éclipses. BnF Chinois 5007]
Tianbu zhenyuan 天步眞原. Chunqiu xiazheng 春秋夏正
Tianbu zhenyuan 天步眞原 [天步真原]
Tianwen lüe 天問略
Tongtian zhi xue : Yesuhuishi he tianwenxue zai Zhongguo de chuanbo 通天之學 : 耶穌會士和天文學在中國的傳播
Yutui jiyan 預推紀驗. [Jap-Sin II, 45a]
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