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Subject List for Voyages and travels

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Across a world
An authentic account of an embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China
Barbarians and mandarins : thirteen centuries of Western travelers in China
The book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian : concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the East. [Livres des merveilles du monde. The Travels. English]
Chengcha biji 乘槎筆記. Hailu 海錄
China and the American Indies : a sixteenth-century history
China charts the world : Hsü Chi-yu and his geography of 1848
China landfall, 1513 : Jorge Alvares' voyage to China
Chushi Taixi ji 初使泰西記
Da faxian shidai 大發現時代, 1400-1600. [ Age of Discovery, 1400-1600. Chinese]
East sails West : the voyage of the Keying, 1846-1855
Em demanda do Cataio : a viagem de Bento de Goes à China, 1603-1607
Guimao lüxing ji 癸卯旅行記. Guiqian ji 歸潛記
Haiguo wenjian lu jiaozhu 海國聞見錄校注
Haiguo wenjian lu 海國聞見錄
Haiguo xinzhi 海國新志
Hailu zhu 海錄注
Haiyu 海語
Hanghai shuqi 航海述奇
Kunyu tushuo 坤輿圖說. [BnF Mss. Chinois 1526]
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