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Subject List for Astronomical instruments--China--History

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Chine ciel et terre : 5000 ans d'inventions et de découvertes
Faguo kexuejia zai Kangxi gongting 法國科學家在康熙宮廷
Granting the seasons : the Chinese astronomical reform of 1280, with a study of its many dimensions and a translation of its records : 授時暦叢考. [Shoushi li congkao 授時暦叢考]
Guo Shoujing 郭守敬
Heavenly clockwork : the great astronomical clocks of medieval China. [Xinyi xiangfayao 新儀象法要. Selections. English]
Hungai tongxian tushuo 渾蓋通憲圖說
Hungai tongxian tushuo 渾蓋通憲圖說. [JapSin II, 58]
Hungai tongxian tushuo 渾蓋通憲圖說. Jianpingyi shuo 簡平儀說
Hungai tongxian tushuo 渾蓋通憲圖說. [BAV Barb. Or. 142 (3-4-5-6-7)]
Jesuítas portugueses astrónomos na China, 1583-1805
      Putaoya Yesuhui tianwenxuejia zai Zhongguo 葡萄牙耶穌會天文學家在中國, 1583-1805

Jianpingyi shuo 簡平儀說. [Jap-Sin II, 63]
Moving stars changing scenes : gems of the ancient Chinese astronomy relics
      [Xing, yi, wu, huan : Zhongguo gudai tianwen wenwu jinghua 星・移・物・換 : 中國古代天文文物精華. English]

Qingchao tianwen yiqi jieshuo 清朝天文儀器解說
Strange machines from the West : European curiosities at the Qing imperial courts, 1644-1796
The Verbiest celestial globe in China (Beijing) and Europe (Leuven-Belgium) : symbol of China-Europe scientific and cultural exchange
Xinyi xiangfayao 新儀象法要
Yuanjing shuo 遠鏡說
Yuanjing shuo 遠鏡說. [Jap-Sin II, 39.2]
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