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Subject List for Confucianism

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Centrality and commonality : an essay on Confucian religiousness
The Chinese classics : with a translation, critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena, and copious indexes
The Confucian world observed : a contemporary discussion of Confucian humanism in East Asia
Confucianism in action
Confucius : the secular as sacred
Guang Jinsilu 廣近思錄
Hanxue shangdui 漢學商兌
Hsüntze 荀子 : the moulder of ancient Confucianism
The humanist way in ancient China : essential works of Confucianism
Jinsilu 近思錄
Jōdai Shina seigakukō : Kōshi no ongakuron 上代支那正楽考 : 孔子の音楽論
Kongzi de zhihui 孔子的智慧. [The wisdom of Confucius. Chinese]
Kunxuelu jicui 困學錄集粹
Li : rites and propriety in literature and life : a perspective for a cultural history of ancient China
Manufacturing Confucianism : Chinese traditions & universal civilization
The philosophy of Confucius. [Daxue 大學. Zhongyong 中庸. English]
The religion of China : Confucianism and Taoism. [Konfuzianismus und Taoismus. English]
Rujia zhexue de tixi 儒家哲學的體系. Rujia zhexue de tixi xubian 儒家哲學的體系續編
Rulinpu 儒林譜. Chuanjingbiao 傳經表. Guochao jingshi jingyi mulu 國朝經師經義目錄
Sanding Kongzi jiayu zhijie 三訂孔子家語直解. [Jap-Sin I, 5]
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