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Subject List for Industries--China

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China at work : an illustrated record of the primitive industries of China's masses, whose life is toil, and thus an account of Chinese civilization
China's early industrialization : Sheng Hsuan-huai (1844-1916) and Mandarin enterprise
A glimpse of China: a handbook of information for the resident and visitor
A report on Russian destruction of our industries in the North-Eastern provinces
Zhongguo gudai fangzhi shigao 中國古代紡織史稿
Zhongguo gudai zaozhi shihua 中國古代造紙史話
Zhongguo jindai jingjishi tongji ziliao xuanji 中國近代經濟史統計資料選輯
Zhongguo shougongye shangye fazhanshi 中國手工業商業發展史
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