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Subject List for Chinese fiction--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911--Translations into English

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Jou Pu Tuan : the prayer mat of flesh. [Rouputuan 肉蒲團. English]
The Scholars. [Rulin waishi 儒林外史. English]
Shadows in a Chinese landscape : the notes of a Confucian scholar. [Yuewei caotang biji 閱微草堂筆記. English]
The story of the stone : a Chinese novel in five volumes. [Hongloumeng 紅樓夢. Shitouji 石頭記. English]
Travels of Lao Ts'an. [Laocan youji 老殘遊記. English]
Vignettes from the late Ch'ing : bizarre happenings eyewitnessed over two decades. [Ershinian mudu zhi guaixianzhuang 二十年目睹之怪現狀. English]
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