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Subject List for Philosophy, Chinese

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The Analects of Confucius revisited. [Lunyu quanjie 論語詮解. Lunyu 論語. English & Chinese]
Aristotle in China : language, categories, and translation
Baizi quanshu 百子全書
The Chinese classics : with a translation, critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena, and copious indexes
Chinese language, thought, and culture : Nivison and his critics
Chinese texts and philosophical contexts : essays dedicated to Angus C. Graham
Chinese thought, from Confucius to Mao Tsê-tung
Chongtu yu hubu : Jidujiao zhexue zai Zhongguo 沖突與互補 : 基督教哲學在中國
Chuang Tzu : Basic writings. [Nanhuajing 南華經. English. Selections]
Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese culture
Cunxuebian 存學編. Cunxingbian 存性編
A Daoist theory of Chinese thought : a philosophical interpretation
Daojia shuangfeng : Lao Zhuang sixiang helun 道家雙峰 : 老莊思想合論
Discourse on the natural theology of the Chinese
      [Lettre sur la philosophie chinoise à Nicolas de Remond. English]

Dongxi jun 東西均
Du Shangjunshu 讀商君書. [Shangjunshu 商君書. Selections]
Dushu zazhi 讀書雜志
Dushu zazhi 讀書雜志
Dushu zazhi 讀書雜志
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