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Subject List for China--Civilization--Western influences

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A. Hallerstein -- Liu Songling 劉松齡 : the multicultural legacy of Jesuit wisdom and piety at the Qing Dynasty Court
Broadening the horizons of Chinese history : discourses, syntheses, and comparisons. [Fangkuan lishi de shijie 放寬歷史的視界. English]
Chaotian ji : chongzou Li Madou zhi lu 朝天記 : 重走利瑪竇之路
China and Europe : images and influences in sixteenth to eighteenth centuries
China and the West : myths and realities in history
China and the West. [China und das Abendland. English]
China on paper : European and Chinese works from the late sixteenth to the early nineteenth century
Chinese intellectuals and the West, 1872-1949
Chuanbo, shuxie yu xiangxiang : Ming-Qing wenhua shiye zhong de Xifang 傳播, 書寫與想像 : 明清文化視野中的西方
Coming out of the Middle Ages : comparative reflections on China and the West. [Zouchu zhongshiji 走出中世紀. English]
The cultural contribution of British Protestant missionaries and British-American cooperation to China's national development during the 1920's
Cultural flow between China and outside world throughout history. [Zhongwai wenhua yinyuan 中外文化因緣. English]
Difang shehui wenhua yu jindai Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliu 地方社會文化與近代中西文化交流
Dong-Xi jiaoliu luntan 東西交流論譚
Dong-Xi jiaoliu luntan. Di'erji 東西交流論譚. 第二集
Dong-Xi jiaoliushi lungao 東西交流史論稿
Dong-Xi wenhua bijiao yanjiu : Li Madou ru Hua ji qita 東西文化比較硏究 : 利瑪竇入華及其他
Duoyuan zuqun yu Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliu : jiyu Zhong-Xi wenxian de xin yanjiu 多元族群與中西文化交流 : 基於中西文獻的新研究
The eastward dissemination of Western learning in the late Qing dynasty. [Xixue-Dongjian yu wan Qing shehui 西學東漸與晚清社會. English]
The emperor's new mathematics : Western learning and imperial authority during the Kangxi Reign (1662-1722)
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