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Subject List for Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556. Exercitia spiritualia--Translations into Chinese

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Chongxiu jingyun 崇修精蘊 . [ZKW 93731B]
Modao shilu 默禱實錄. [Exercitia spiritualia per octo dies ad mentem S. Ignatii de Loyola pro Sacerdotibus. Chinese]
Moxiang daogui 默想道規 . [ZKW 95594B]
The Shengjing zhijie : a Chinese text of commented Gospel readings in the encounter between Europe and China in the seventeenth century
Shengxin guitiao 聖心規條. [alt. Shengxin guicheng 聖心規程. ZKW 95551B]
Shengzu Yinajue shenxingshu daoyin 聖祖依納爵神行書導引 [ZKW 94401B]
Wu shenfu shengzu Yinajue xianxingshu gongfu 吾神父聖祖依納爵神行書工夫 [ZKW94433B]
Yesuhui li [Yesu huili] 耶穌會例 . [ZKW 93751B] . [Regulae Societatis Iesu. Exercitia spiritualia. Chinese]
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