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Subject List for China--History--Kangxi 康熙, 1662-1722

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Antoine Thomas, SI as a patient of the Kangxi Emperor (r. 1662-1722) : a case study on the appropriation of theriac at the imperial court
Controversial ideas in China and in Europe : a biography of Jean-François Foucquet, S.J., (1665-1741)
An eighteenth-century Frenchman at the court of the K'ang-hsi emperor : a study of the early life of Jean Francois Foucquet
Embassies and illusions : Dutch and Portuguese envoys to K’ang-hsi, 1666-1687
Emperor of China : self portrait of K’ang hsi
The emperor's new mathematics : Western learning and imperial authority during the Kangxi Reign (1662-1722)
Histoire de la Chine sous la domination des Tartares
Histoire de l'empereur de la Chine
Histoire de l'empereur de la Chine
K'ang Hsi, emperor of China
Kang Yong Qian san di pingyi 康雍乾三帝評議
Kang Yong Qian san di yu Xixue-Dongjian 康雍乾三帝與西學東漸
Kangxi yu da Qing diguo 康熙與大清帝國
Kangxi zhengyao 康熙政要
Kangxi 康熙
Kangxichao gongting zhong de Xiyang yishi huodong 康熙朝宮廷中的西洋醫事活動
Das Neueste von China (1697). [Novissima Sinica. German & Latin]
Passage to power : K'ang-hsi and his heir apparent, 1661-1722
Portrait historique de l'empereur de la Chine, presenté au roy. [Histoire de l'empereur de la Chine]
Tingwen lu 庭聞錄
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