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Subject List for Mathematics--Catholic authors--China--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644

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Dace 大測. [Jap-Sin II, 51]
Euclid in China : the genesis of the first Chinese translation of Euclid's Elements, books I-VI (Jihe yuanben, Beijing, 1607) and its reception up to 1723
Haidao suanjing 海島算經. Celiang fayi 測量法義. Celiang yitong 測量異同. Gougu yi 句股義 [勾股義]. Wangzhi limu suanfa jie 王制里畝算法解. Wangzhi jingtian suanfa jie 王制井田算法解. Liji yishu suanfa jie 禮記義疏算法解
History of mathematical sciences : Portugal and East Asia II : Scientific practices and the Portuguese expansion in Asia (1498-1759)
The Jesuits, the Padroado and East Asian science (1552-1773)
Jihe yaofa 幾何要法. [Jap-Sin II, 17. Jap-Sin II 18-18a]
Jihe yuanben 幾何原本
Tianxue chuhan 天學初函
Tongwen suanzhi 同文算指. [Jap-Sin II, 11]
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