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Subject List for Conduct of life--China--Catholic authors--16th century

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The concept of friendship and the culture of hospitality : the encounter between the Jesuits and late Ming China. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. English & Chinese]
Jiaoyou lun 交友論
Jiaoyou lun 交友論 [R.G. Oriente III 223 (9)]
Jiaoyou lun 交友論. [Borg. Cinese 324 (10)]
Jiaoyou lun 交友論. [Jap-Sin I, 49]
Jiaoyou lun 交友論. [Trattato sull'Amicizia BNCdR 72 C 467/1]
Jiren shipian 畸人十篇
Jiren shipian 畸人十篇. [Jap-Sin I, 52]
Kyouron, Sŭmultasŏt madi chamŏn, Kiin sip'yŏn 교우론 (交友論), 스물다섯마디잠언 (二十五言), 기인십편 (畸人十篇) : 연구와번역. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. Ershiwu yan 二十五言. Jiren shipian 畸人十篇. Korean & Chinese]
On friendship : one hundred maxims for a Chinese prince. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. English]
Traité de l'amitié. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. French & Chinese]
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