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Subject List for Castiglione, Giuseppe 郎世寧, 1688-1766

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Bridging Europe and China : the professional life of Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766)
Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) : pittore di corte di Ch'ien-Lung, imperatore della Cina
Giuseppe Castiglione : gesuita e pittore nel celeste impero = Jesuit and painter in the Celestial Empire
Giuseppe Castiglione, 1688-1766 : peintre et architecte à la cour de Chine
Giuseppe Castiglione, a Jesuit painter at the court of the Chinese emperors
Haiguo bolan : Qingdai gongting Xiyang chuanjiaoshi huashi huihua liupai jingpin 海國波瀾 : 清代宮廷西洋傳敎士畫師繪畫流派精品
      Exílio dourado : expressoẽs pictóricas da escola dos missionários ocidentais obras de arte da corte da dinastia Qing
      The golden exile : pictorial expressions of the school of western missionaries' artworks of the Qing dynasty court

Kongque kaipingtu guhua youpiao zhuance 孔雀開屏圖古畫郵票專冊
      Ancient Chinese painting Peacocks postage stamps pictorial

Lang Shining hua baijuntu jingpin 郎世寧畫百駿圖精品. [Baijuntu 百駿圖]
Lang Shining hua huaniao ji 郎世寧畫花鳥集
Lang Shining hua 郎世寧畫
Lang Shining 郎世寧
The Qing patronage of Milanese art : a reconsideration on materiality and Western art history. [Portrayals from a Brush Divine. Selections]
Reconciling two careers : the Jesuit memoir of Giuseppe Castiglione, lay brother and Qing imperial painter. [Eighteenth-Century Studies]
Xin shijian : Lang Shining yu Qinggong Xiyangfeng 新視界 : 郎世寧與清宮西洋風 = New Visions at the Ch'ing court : Giuseppe Castiglione and Western-style trends
Yuan Ming Yuan collections and Lang Shining : a study of East-West cultural exchange in the 17th-19th centuries
Yuanmingyuan yishu zhenpin yu Yesuhuishi Lang Shining 圓明園藝朮珍品與耶會郎世寧
      Yuan Ming Yuan collections and Lang Shining. Chinese

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