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Subject List for China--Officials and employees--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911

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China's examination hell : the civil service examinations of Imperial China. [Kakyo : Chūgoku no shiken jigoku 科挙 : 中国の試験地獄. English]
The Chinese government : a manual of Chinese titles categorically arranged and explained....
The district magistrate in late imperial China
The emergence of the Qingliu officials : a response to the impact of the West in late nineteenth century China
Index to Ch'ing tai ch'ou pan i wu shih mo. [Qingdai chouban yiwu shimo suoyin 清代籌辧夷務始末索引]
The internal organization of Ch'ing bureaucracy : legal, normative, and communication aspects
Legal institutions in Manchu China : a sociological analysis
Present day political organization of China. [Sovremennaja političeskaja organizacija Kitaja. English]
Privileges for being slaves : Christian missionaries in the early Qing court
Qingdai difang guanzhi kao 清代地方官制考
Qingdai zhengxian leibian 清代徴獻類編
Qingji zhiguan biao : fu renwu lu 清季職官表 : 附人物錄. [Offices and personnel in the late Ch’ing period....1796-1911]
The role of the southern officials during the Boxer uprising, 1900
Ting Jih-Ch'ang and Restoration Kiangsu, 1864-1890 : rhetoric and reality
The training of government officials under the early Ch'ing, 1644-1795
Wan Qing zhiguanfa yanjiu 晚清職官法研究
Yin Shaozai zouyi 尹少宰奏議
Zhongguo guanshen fanjiao de yuanyin 中國官紳反教的原因 (1860-1874)
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